I am an Agilist and Technologist. I believe in the power of technology to change the world for the best. Technology as not only software. And I believe in iterative experiences to carry out such changes, which I call being Agile.12400840_10205652330328154_253259624524097881_n

Agile is a mindset. Agile is about simplicity, disruption, innovation, creativity, constructive chaos.

I have put this mindset in practice as a Software Developer, as an Analyst and Scrum Master, Agile Coach among other much more peculiar role names. It all started for me in 1998, exploring the world of creating websites and using the then incipient internet resources to make things happen. I could learn and grow with this medium and since the early 2000’s I was already sold to XP. I believe I could never really adjust to waterfall or any other formal ways of developing software. Being creative and chaotic myself, I always needed to do and test and see things happening, then come back and adjust. Rinse and repeat.

At around 2008 I started working with Scrum in particular and I can say with conviction its simplicity in approach is staggering effective. I also believe it works in most company set-ups, because it exposes all the feebleness or inflated hierarchies and everything that hinders good collaborative work. And quite often that is not the crew of developers!

You will find here opinions, anecdotes, stories and resources linked to Agility in every possible realm, not just software. I hope you enjoy the content and feel free to connect via social media. You can also contact me for coaching, consulting and mentoring or just for having a cup of coffee over my favorite subject: Agile.